Earring Guide pt3

Caring for your jewellery


General Tips 

  •   Always take good care of your jewellery to keep it in good condition
  •   Where possible remove jewellery prior to bathing, exercising and other physical activities that might compromise function and safety
  •   Please avoid exposing your jewellery to water or moisture as this will accelerate the tarnishing  process of  gold and silver plated elements
  •   If your jewellery does come into contact with water simply dry it off as soon as possible with a soft dry cloth. Natural body perspiration (sweat) can also affect the longevity of the jewellery so it is advisable to wipe your jewellery to get rid of any moisture or build up of dirt with a clean dry cloth
  •   Keep your jewellery protected in its pouch or a jewellery box to avoid dust and prolong its lifespan


  • Polishing cloths with impregnated gold/silver cleaning solution (below left) – approx. £3.99
  • Town Talk Jewellery Cleaning Solution (below middle) – approx. £4.99
  • Town Talk Sonic Jewellery Cleaning Kit (below right)  – approx. £24.99

Available from Etsy, Amazon, Argos (UK) and other leading suppliers

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