Earring Guide pt 2

Choosing Your Metal


There are 3 types of metal available at Orchha Jewels to choose from:

  • 14k Gold filled
  • 925 Sterling silver
  • 14k Rose gold filled

These are ideal for people with sensitive ears as they do not irritate the ear unlike regular plated metals.

The next step is selecting the wire gauge. Getting the right gauge is essential to ensuring they fit comfortably in your ears!

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The ‘Ga’ Gauge (thickness) of the metal

When choosing the thickness there are 2 sizes to consider:

  • 18 Ga / 1mm (thicker)
  • 20 Ga / 0.81mm (thin suitable for new piercings)


wire thickness

Getting The Right Fit:

  • Generally the thicker 18 Ga wire will be harder and less malleable. This is ideal if you are wearing them continuously such as cartilage and sleepers.
  • The thinner 20 Ga wire is also made of a hardened quality and is ideal for those who do not wear earrings often or those with new piercings. I recommend wearing thinner gauge wire for a period to get the ear accustomed to earrings before progressing onto the 18Ga wire.
  • If you would prefer a different gauge that is not shown in any of my listings for example 0.6mm, please get in touch by emailing  orchhajewels@gmail.com and have your earrings custom made to your requirements!

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Next Upcoming Pt 3: Caring For Your Jewellery


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