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So I finally made a book for all my best 2017 photos which is a combination of my jewellery design at Orchha Jewels and my outdoor shoots. As a first attempt, I thinks its turned out pretty nicely.  I can now enjoy my some of favourite photos which have just been sitting in my iphone and cameras for far too long!

Here are a few spreads from the book to show you how its come out in case you too are thinking about creating a book for all your favourite pics. I went with Blurb’s Tradebook format with the economy colour print which is the least expensive format but great value if you  you are going to be printing more than 100 pages. I would suggest this option to anyone who is doing similar scale, and if you are wanting a higher quality print finish I would go for the standard colour print which is slightly more money but well worth paying for.

I would love to make more of these little books when I get a bit more time. They’re a great way to preserve your work and a nice reminder of our creative journeys.  I love seeing other peoples work so if you have any great books to share please let me know in the comments section below:)




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