Hockley – Nottingham Revival

Despite this being my home, I still find something new and exciting to discover every time I visit the city.  My usual walk takes me down Clumber Street and turning left up Pelham Street towards my favourite place – Hockley. There is something about this place though that seemed a bit more lively than usual and so after a short stop in the Ugly Bread Company and its confusing staircases! I went to find out what the buzz was about. Immediately I noticed a yard which is not normally open to the public had its gate open so I walked in to check it out.  

Its the annual creative festival supported by the Nottingham creative Quarters campaign which aims to bring awareness to the creative talent of young people who live in Nottingham. There’s a couple of shops and galleries showcasing the works of local artists and crafts people  including Cavology and Cobdens Place. Bringing creative work out into the public is never easy especially for young people who cannot afford the rents of some of the high street units. To be able to showcase here is a great opportunity to get noticed and be part of the creative community.

I have been coming to Hockley since my college days and its still a very cool place to hang out.
Small vintage boutiques, cafes and restaurants can be found here and its the perfect place for the alternative crowd and fans of the indie labels. I think that this the Creative Quarter is an excellent idea for the local area and the use of otherwise under-utilised and empty shop spaces in Hockley. Its about time Nottingham!

Now what to do with Broadmarsh…


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