Part 1 – Wedding finds at Orchha Jewels

Find the perfect finishing touches to your wedding outfit from dainty jewellery to nature inspired hair accessories.  I keep and make a limited supply so whether you require a larger quantity or a specific variation on the existing item I can work with you to get you your dream look! Just send me a message on etsy conversation or via the email provided below

Handy Tip
I understand that organising your wedding can be both exciting and overwhelming especially when you have so much choice! A great way to start is to keep a paper notebook or better still an online scrapbook like to pin all your internet finds and this can help you work out a theme and whittle down your choices.

Custom orders are always welcome
Please feel free to contact me via etsy convo or email :
If possible please provide any extra details that would help with your request
 e.g.  your wedding date and which country you’re from, the theme of your wedding and any links to Pinterest  boards with your ideas




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