Mental Health Awareness month – show you care

This sweet little pom pom bracelet was created to support todays sufferers whose lives are affected by a mental health illness. To name a few perhaps you or someone you know may be suffering from anxiety and depression – two of the most common yet little understood conditions. Many of us live with it but rarely talk about it and suffer in complete silence. This is one of the main barriers to recovery. No one should have to go through this alone. The pom pom bracelet has a small tag which carries the message ‘NEVER give up’ to remind you daily that despite your illness and whatever you’re going through that you should never lose hope. Hopefully with this bracelet we can spread the word. Last year saw the launch of my mint green pom pom bracelet for mental health awareness month which quickly became a favourite amongst all you etsians! I’ve now added yellow and peach pom poms into the collection so you can pick some lovely colours:)




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